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Empowering the poor and oppressed to realise their potential and fulfil their God-given purpose in life. 


To transform and develop the poor and oppressed spiritually, psychologically and physically.


To produce children and young people who know their God-given purpose in life and are equipped with all the spiritual grace, intellectual knowledge and understanding, emotional strength and stability, and physical skills and resources to fulfil it.


  • To teach the Word of God and nurture believers in their spiritual growth.
  • To help people understand, identify and pursue their unique God-given purpose.
  • To establish and maintain the running of a pre-primary school for the poor.
  • To remove any financial barriers that discriminate against children from going to school, from pre-primary up to secondary level.
  • To offer services or programmes for emotional support, counsel and guidance.
  • To cater for the physical needs, health and wellbeing of people living in poverty.
  • To provide adults and young people with training in practical skills, business skills and financial management.
  • To build a Centre from which any activity in accord with achieving Maisha Trust’s goals can operate.
  • To collaborate with any like-minded organisations, in order to fulfil the preceding objectives.
  • To engage in any other activities that the trustees deem necessary in order to fulfil the aforementioned mission.

Core Values

  • Faith – having faith in God is a pre-requisite for every Christian and also a living testimony to the world that God is the source of everything we have and need. 
  • Love – the bible says that without love everything is meaningless, so love must be the motive behind everything that is done and the force bringing it all to completion.
  • Hope – faith and love produce hope; hope that God is true to His Word and will fulfil every promise He has made to give life to the full to His people.
  • Integrity - speaking and acting honestly and living out Kingdom truths and principles is a necessary quality for every person involved in the organisation, so that they can reflect Christ to the world.
  • Creativity – we are made in the image of our Creator God, who has given us the ability to devise solutions to the challenges one faces in life.
  • Uniqueness – God fashioned every person differently, with a unique personality, purpose, gifts and talents, so that mankind might attain unity in its diversity.

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