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Oasis kindergarten
We at Maisha Trust believe that the importance of investing in the life of a child can never be overstated, since the way a child is nurtured determines who they will grow up to be.   The bible says, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it’ (Pro 22:6)....Learn More
Hadhi Crafts Hadhi Crafts
‘Hadhi Crafts’ is a uniquely crafted project; it is not a ‘charity’ programme in the sense of giving welfare handouts, nor is it a standard business enterprise. It seeks to empower poor and oppressed women in spirit, soul and body, by means of a three-stranded approach: ... Learn More

Rafiki Homes
Rafiki Homes is a project managed by Victor Otieno, under the umbrella of Maisha Trust.  It is geared towards providing economically disadvantaged youth with basic needs, and through care and love, enabling them to realise their potential and lead a purposeful life. ...Learn More

Future Maisha Projects
Maisha Trust intends to start several projects under its banner in future. For instance we intend to start Home-work sessions. Supervised home-work sessions in the evenings for primary and secondary school pupils, who cannot work at home, due to lack of electricity, space or a noisy ...Learn More

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