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Below are listed several future projects that we intend to start under the banner of Maisha Trust:

  • Adult empowerment schemes

A scheme to train and equip unemployed adults with practical skills, business skills and in financial management, so that they can initiate small businesses to earn a living for themselves and so be able to provide for the needs of their families. 

  • Christian fellowship meetings

Open forums for adults and young people to attend who are interested in knowing more about God, giving their lives to Christ and growing in their relationship with God.  These sessions will include times of praise, prayer and teaching of the Word of God.

  • Medical clinics

We seek to open medical clinics in areas where there is dior need. Christian Medical volunteers will mix both Convectional medicine and prayers to bring healing to patients. God still does heal today through prayer and we have experienced many cases of miracles.

  • Teenage girls’ mentorship programme

A mentorship programme for young ladies from the age of 12 to 18, conducted in collaboration with Pearls & Treasures ministry.  Through a series of group sessions and individual counselling, girls are educated on topics like identity, health, relationships and sexual purity, so that they can make informed and responsible decisions concerning their lives.

  • Youth club

A Saturday youth club to help young people in Kibera slum spend their free time constructively and stay out of trouble.  The programme will include relevant bible teaching, praise, prayer ministry, games and enlightening movies.

  • Life-skills centre

A centre from which young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can be trained in various skills, such as music, art, drama, dress-making, sports, cooking and ICT.  This will provide youth with the opportunity to discover and develop their talents, and find satisfaction in realising their potential. It will also serve to empower them to generate an income for themselves through the use of their talents.

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